Weight loss man celebrates losing over five stone

A man who has described himself as “a bit of a porker” is celebrating after losing over five stone in weight.

Allan Green, who lives in Cotton, puts his success down to joining a Slimming World group at the Blackboune Community Centre, in Elmswell, which has helped him to scale down from 22 stone 7lb to 17 stone 1lb.

He joined the group in March this year and lost the weight during lockdown and while the group was carrying out virtual sessions.

Allan who works as an engineer for Lumi Paper, at Mendlesham, said: “I’ve always been a bit of a porker and struggled with more diets than I can remember. They never worked for me. Yes, I could lose a stone, but then I would falter and put it all back on, plus a bit more.

“I suppose it’s my lifestyle. I have two jobs; one full time as an engineer and my part time hobby job in computing, so no time for a social life or interacting with people. Because I’m always busy, I don’t get out much at all; just eat, drink and work.

“I first became concerned about my weight when my son got married, finding myself in need of a suit. I had to have one made to fit my odd frame, and I looked and felt silly.”

At Christmas disaster struck for Allan.

He went to see a ballet in London with his wife Mari which involved a lot of walking

He said: “My knees gave in and I spent two days in agony. We visited the Shard, and I was crippled up in pain in both knees.”

So he visited his GP to get a referral to a knee specialist but was told he was over-weight for surgery to be carried out.

He then decided to join Slimming World and it has turned his world around.

Allan said: “There is something about meeting up with fellow slimmers. They are a very supportive bunch and have given me so much encouragement and ideas, I really wish I’d found them years ago. With Slimming World there are guidelines to stick to, but nothing heavy like you must eat this and not that. Nothing is off limits, so long as it’s in moderation.

“Since beginning in March, by September I had lost five and one half stones. I am chuffed to bits.

“I have now reached a point where I can have my knee operation providing I can maintain my weight loss, so it’s a win-win situation.

“I still have lots more weight to lose, and am now able to combine exercise with dieting, so have even more enthusiasm than ever.”

He said the group’s consultant Emma Jelley made him feel “at home” within the group almost immediately and added: “Thank you Emma. I would certainly never reached this point without you.”


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