Safety warning for bright sparks on bonfire night

As more people turn to bonfire night parties at home this year, UK Power Networks has simple advice to help people stay safe.

The electricity firm, whose power cables and substations deliver power across the area, urges people to keep fireworks and bonfires well away from overhead power lines.

UK Power Networks has more than 33,000 kilometres of overhead power lines in the East of England to help safely deliver electricity supplies to homes and businesses.

People are advised to “Look Up! Look Out!” and plan their display in full daylight to stay well clear of the equipment which keeps electricity supplies flowing.

Heat and smoke from a bonfire has the potential to damage overhead lines, posing a potential danger to anyone nearby. High voltage electricity can also jump across gaps, finding the easiest path to the ground, so avoid building bonfires beneath power lines.

Safety and engagement manager, Emma Palmer, said: “It is great to celebrate bonfire night with family and friends and we recognise this year will be different due to the impact of Covid-19 on some larger displays, so we have some simple tips to help people stay safe.

“With shorter daylight hours and the usual distractions in our busy lives, looking up to check for overhead power lines might not be something people would automatically think of doing when planning their display, so we just want to make sure people do those wider safety checks.”

In the event of an emergency involving the electricity network keep well away and ring 105.

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