Council pledges continued town presence

There will continue to be a face-to-face presence in Sudbury from staff at Babergh District Council.

The authority has reassured residents that it will remain in the town with changes planned for next year.

Since 2017, the council’s customer services have been provided from Sudbury Town Hall through a contract with Sudbury Town Council – but the contract is due to expire in March, with Babergh District Council looking to review the way it provides its service to ensure it best meets the needs of residents.

This includes plans to improve digital services, providing access to information and services round the clock – but the council also recognises the need to maintain a face-to-face customer service presence in Sudbury, to continue to support residents who don’t have access or skills to use digital services.

Lee Parker, Babergh District Council’s cabinet member for customers, digital transformation & improvement, said: “We would like to recognise the quality of the service that residents have received through our relationship with Sudbury Town Council and would like to reassure everyone we will continue to have a face-to-face customer service presence in Sudbury when our contract with the town council comes to an end in March.

“We know that expectations have changed – residents want information and access to council services 24/7, in a way that suits them and their lifestyles.  We want to provide easy and intuitive digital services for those who want to use them, but we recognise that this won’t be everyone’s choice, and we are committed to retaining a face-to-face presence in the town.

“Digital solutions which help us serve residents in the most effective and efficient way possible – and by helping residents to improve their digital skills and access to IT, we can free up time for our advisors to give face-to-face support to customers who are more vulnerable or who have more complex needs.

“We are currently exploring exactly how we can best provide services, tailored to meet the needs of our residents both today and in the future – but this will continue to include a human presence in Sudbury in addition to continuing our ‘pop up’ customer services with Suffolk Libraries in Shotley and Hadleigh.”

Further details of future partners and location for Babergh District Council’s customer services in Sudbury are expected in the new year.

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