RSPCA contacted after husky attacks young deer in Great Barton

The RSPCA are investigating reports of a dog attacking and killing a young deer in Great Barton.

The incident took place last week behind garages at Shinham Bridge, just off Green Lane, when a husky was reported to have been involved in the attack.

Jennifer Spalding said her husband had to put the young deer “out of its misery” after they heard the deer which was screaming and has been in touch with the RSPCA.

She posted details of the drama on the Nextdoor social media site saying: “It was a husky dog killing a young deer, the poor thing was so badly injured we had to put it out of its misery, there was no way to save it.

“This was very upsetting for us, it took a while to chase the dog off, I thought it was going to attack my husband too. it was quite distressing.”

It prompted a flurry of comments supporting the couple’s action with Paula Jones, from Thurston, saying: “How awful that must’ve been for you. I’m sad just to read it. Hope you are both ok.”

James Chinery, from the Hardwick estate, in Bury St Edmunds, said: “How horrible. It must have been so disturbing to see. Well done to your husband for swiftly doing what had to be done.”

Amanda Jayne, from Troston: “That’s so sad, poor deer. I’m glad your husband was there to put it out of its misery.”

Gill Griffith, from Thurston: “It’s very sad. I know we’ve domesticated dogs but sometimes their instincts are strong.”

Pam Dennis,  from Great Barton: “This was a very upsetting experience Jennifer and I do feel for your shock and trauma. The deer population here is out of control.”

Penny Dinwiddy, from Ixworth: “How sad – and so very distressing for you and your husband.”

Valerie Redbart, from Thurston: “Well done to your husband for his kind act. An awful experience.”

Anna Johnson, from Drinkstone: “What a shame, how horrible, the dog should have been on a lead, poor deer, so sad.”

Kevin Manning, from Great Barton: “That’s incredible. Just hope RSPCA follow it up.”

John Firbank from Horringer Court: “That is just tragic. And if the dog wasn’t under suitable control then it’s both dangerous and utterly shameful also.”

While Neil Brockhurst, from Pakenham, added: “While upsetting, it is nature. Dogs have the chase instinct. Apart from wondering where the owner was, you can’t blame the dog.”

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