Accommodation for homeless at sheltered housing complex in Elmswell

Six bungalows at a sheltered housing complex in Elmswell have been allocated to the homeless.

It’s come at a time when Mann’s Court, which has a total of 21 units, has seen a drop off in those people wanting to live at the site.

However, it’s resulted in some astonishment for some of those already living there with one of them saying it is “no longer the community it used to be.”

The complex is run by Mid Suffolk District Council and a spokesperson said the six bungalows had been standing empty and had not been used for sheltered housing for several years.

They added: “The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has further heightened our responsibility to support our most vulnerable residents and we responded by transforming these empty properties into a safe haven for residents who would otherwise find themselves homeless.

“They provide temporary housing until a longer-term solution can be found for them, keeping people close to their friends, family and support networks during a time of need.

“We have written to residents of Thedwastre Close to explain and provided contact details for anyone with queries.”

However, one of the residents said during his time living at Manns Court it was regarded as good community but that had changed.

“I have lived here in Manns Court for 10 years, which then was a good community, since the cut backs and circumstances. This is no longer the community it used to be.

“In days past one wouldn’t hesitate to place an elderly member of the family in sheltered but now you don’t know what age or status you’re neighbours are going to be. I think people will have to think twice before making that decision now.”

The council promotes Manns Court as having 21 bungalows in total with each of them having its own garden. There is also a hall, lounge, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom and some have a bath and some shower or wet room while a number of the bungalows have two bedrooms.

In the communal building there is a laundry, lounge and refreshment-making facilities available with a guest room available for family and friends that wish to visit.

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