Woman who lost over five stone hoping her story will inspire others to follow in her footsteps.

Kelly Cooper at her Stowmarket Slimming World group.

A woman who lost just over five stone after battling with a love hate relationship with food and activity since her childhood is hoping her story will help and inspire others.
Kelly Cooper, who manages a team of seven consultants with Slimming World groups across Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket, said she found success at one of her local groups who gave her hope in her weight loss.
She said that it helped her to see that change was possible and with small subtle changes that were easy and she could stick with aided her.
“The real key to success is found in the weekly group where consultants motivate and inspire members to achieve their weight loss dreams,” she said.
“There is no better job in the world. Running my own group is a real honour that means the world to me, because I will never forget how my life changed the moment I stepped through the the door.
“My job is to give my members what they need the most every week – sometimes its a shoulder to cry on, and other times its real good fun.
“Recently I awarded a member her seven stone award, this lady first joined my group in a wheelchair and is now proudly walking through the door guided by a stick – that’s life changing, and heart warming. it’s a reminder that taking that first step really can change peoples lives forever. “
Kelly Cooper before her weight loss journey.
Now Slimming World is inviting people who’ve successfully lost weight at a local group – either past or present members – to start their own Slimming World group.
Kelly says: ‘It’s amazing to know that I’m helping people get the same feeling that I had when I lost weight. As we look forward to the easing of restrictions and with the links between Covid-19 and obesity, I know lots of people are worrying about their weight more than ever before. There is no better time to help motivate people in your local community and support them to take the first step of their journey, and we are looking for consultants in the local area. 
For more information about becoming a Slimming World Consultant contact Kelly on 07792 603204 or go to slimmingworld.co.uk/careers

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