Man jailed for six years following series of assaults at pub in Haverhill

A man has been jailed for six years following a series of assaults in Haverhill.

Daniel Jackson, (pictured above) aged 35 and from Warren Court in the town was sentenced on Friday, January 21, at Ipswich Crown Court after he pleaded guilty to the charges he was facing.

It follows his arrest following a pub brawl at The Suffolk Punch, in Haverhill, in April 2019 during which he initially assaulted a female by punching her in the face causing a broken nose. He left the scene having made verbal threats towards the victim’s relative who she was with. He then returned five minutes later and slashed the relative’s back with a kitchen knife causing a wound.

In September 2020 whilst under investigation for the incident at The Suffolk Punch, Jackson assaulted another female, who was known to him, and struck her head against a table causing a large wound to her head.

He was subsequently charged with actual bodily harm (ABH) and section 20 grevious bodily harm (GBH) for the incident at The Suffolk Punch and he was charged with Section 20 GBH and ABH for the assault that took place in September 2020.

For the ABH and S20 GBH offences Jackson received four months (for the ABH) and 28 months (S20 GBH) imprisonment to run concurrently. For the domestic assaults he was sentenced to 44 months in jail for S20 GBH and 12 months (ABH), again running concurrently. However, the two total sentences are to run consecutively, making a total of six years imprisonment for Jackson.

Investigating officer Det Sgt Glenn Toms said: “Daniel Jackson is a well-known and violent offender in the Haverhill area so it is extremely satisfying to see him behind bars for a significant period of time. Fortunately, the physical injuries have healed over time for all of Jackson’s victims, but the mental scars and trauma as a consequence of the aggression shown by him will remain with them for a considerable time to come.

“We are committed to supporting anyone who is a victim of domestic abuse and will work with our partner agencies to help you. Victims are our top priority in any domestic abuse investigation and we will always work to gather and secure evidence in order to gain a successful conviction.”

For advice please click on the link below and for information regarding other agencies who can help.

Domestic abuse | Suffolk Constabulary

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