Diners shocked after chef taken ill at restaurant in Bury St Edmunds

Diners at a restaurant in Bury St Edmunds have today reacted with shock and horror after a member of staff was taken suddenly ill prompting a call to the emergency services.

The drama unfolded at 7.19pm last night, Wednesday, May 11, at Francella, (pictured above) on Angel Hill, which was attended by two ambulances, three police cars and a fire crew.

A couple who arrived at 5.30pm with another pair for their meal out said they had their starter and main course and were considering what to have as a dessert when an ambulance arrived.

Describing the events one of the diners said: “Paramedics came in and the manager said there’s a problem with one of our chefs. The next thing we knew another ambulance arrived and we were all told to clear the restaurant but the paramedics could not get to him.

“Then the fire brigade turned up and got to him and put him on the floor and three police cars arrived by then.

“One of the other chefs was being consoled by a colleague and it was quite frightening and we were all so shocked.

“The restaurant was about three-quarters full at the time and everyone was so stunned with what had happened. We just hope the man who was taken ill is okay. We felt so, so sad for the staff who all looked totally shocked and upset and did not know what to do.

“Huge praise to the paramedics who pulled out all the stops to help out.

“We just hope and pray that the chef is okay but we fear the worse.”

This afternoon police confirmed the man died and a spokesman said he was declared dead about 15 minutes after they were called.



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