Council deputy leader steps down from her post

Councillors Sara Mildmay-White with John Griffiths, Sarah Broughton and Jo Rayner. Photo: West Suffolk Council.

The work of West Suffolk Council deputy leader Sara Mildmay-White has been praised by council leader John Griffiths after announcing her decision to step down from the post.

Councillor Mildmay-White has been deputy leader since it was created in 2019 and for the former St Edmundsbury Borough Council for 10 years. She remains portfolio holder for Housing and Health.

Councillor Griffiths announced the role of deputy leader would now be jointly shared by Sarah Broughton and Jo Rayner at the annual meeting of the authority tonight, Tuesday, May 17

Councillor Griffiths, said: “Councillor Mildmay-White’s wise counsel and insightfulness together with the care and commitment she has for our communities has made her an outstanding deputy leader, role model and a champion for all of West Suffolk.

“I want to thank her for being my deputy and completely support her reasons for stepping down from the role. Not only has she served as deputy leader but also portfolio holder for housing.

“A challenging role to do on its own, but one she continues to excel in. This has included reducing rough sleeping, helping prevent people becoming homeless and overseeing our successful Barley Homes company which is building and selling homes, creating affordable homes and income for the council. I look forward to working with councillors Broughton and Rayner as joint deputies continue to deliver ground-breaking initiatives and high quality services to make West Suffolk even more healthy, prosperous and greener.”

Councillor Mildmay-White, added: “I really have enjoyed my time in the deputy leader role, working with councillor Griffiths, my cabinet colleagues and members in the wider council. I feel as a cabinet and council we have delivered benefits that are making a real difference to people’s lives while overcoming a range of challenges.

“But, as I explained and agreed with the leader, I feel it is time for me to step aside from the deputy leader role and give someone else the opportunity. Indeed, I hope people, especially young women, will see what is being achieved in our council and be encouraged into local government.”

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