Man prosecuted for abandoning horse box and ordered to pay over £1,200

A man from Newmarket has been successfully prosecuted for abandoning a large horse box in a residential area of the town.

Harvey Johnsson, who failed to attend court, was convicted in his absence and ordered to pay £805 in cost (including specialist removal charges), £440 fine and a £44 victim surcharge.

In November 2021 a large blue Iveco horse transporter with a 1974 registration was reported as abandoned.

West Suffolk Council enforcement team inspected the vehicle, which had broken windows, grass, weeds and detritus around it and was without an MoT.

Johnsson was identified as the owner and was sent a seven-day removal warning notice. He called the council and the action he needed to take was explained, but not taken.

On January 5, 2022, the council made arrangements for the vehicle’s removal and a specialist company was required due to its size and seized brakes.

A removal letter with a list of charges incurred was sent to Johnsson giving seven days to pay and claim the horsebox back. This was unpaid and a Fixed Penalty Notice was issued on January 25. To date no payment has been received.

Peter Steven, Cabinet member for Environment at West Suffolk Council, said: “Abandoning vehicles is a form of fly tipping. It is failure of our shared responsibility to look after our rubbish in public spaces. I am pleased that our action to enforce the law and protect amenity for our residents was successful.”

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