Suffolk County Council ranks Gold Tier in the Uswitch Green Council Report 2022

Suffolk County Council has been ranked as a Gold Tier council in Uswitch’s first annual Green Council Report 2022 looking into their commitment to being more environmentally sustainable.

Having scored positively in the four requirements to be considered a leader in sustainability, the council has proven to be doing better than 67% of UK county councils.

Suffolk County Council’s sustainability credentials:

  • has renewable installations on site, such as solar panels, solar thermal panels, an air source heat pump, a ground source heat pump, and a biomass system;
  • has three electric vehicles as part of its fleet;
  • is on a renewable tariff with the energy supplier; and
  • runs eco-friendly initiatives.

Will Owen, energy expert at, said: “It’s great to see that many of the councils are leading by example when it comes to sustainability. The fact that so many have already adopted electric vehicles is a great message to send to the public. The more EVs seen on the road, especially by government-run establishments, will increase confidence in their ability among the public.

“And the councils that are producing some of their own renewable energy, and the ones that are ensuring their grid supply is green, are all helping towards the rapidly approaching Net Zero targets. While finances may be tight for everyone, councils included, it makes sense to lower emissions as much as possible. One such way is to lower carbon heating emissions.”

The full story can be found here, including expert commentary and methodology:

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