County end-of-year art exhibition impresses all

Pictured at County Upper School, left to right, are Emma Robbins, Jess Goodwich, Angela Bowman (head of art), Reuben Witcherley, Kayleigh Brown, Sally Kennedy (headteacher), Aeden Finlayson and T J Holton. Photo: Gooderham PR.

A celebration of the creative talents of students at County Upper School has been hailed a success.

The Bury St Edmunds school recently held their annual art exhibition showcasing the work of GCSE and A-level art, photography and graphic design students.

And the evening was made even more special with the return of proud parents who have been unable to attend the event in the last couple of years due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Angela Bowman, head of art at the school, said: “The end-of-year art exhibition is always a wonderful event to celebrate the success of our students. We were blown away by the creativity and imagination of students who showed maturity and excellence both in their artwork and also their themes. We wish them all well ahead of their exam results next month and their future endeavours.”

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