Changes to bin collection days due to Bank Holiday

Householders in the region will have changes to their bin collection days because of the Bank Holiday weekend.

Those in West Suffolk will have their bins emptied one day late during the coming bank holiday week.

All bins due to be collected on Monday, August 29, will be emptied on Tuesday, August 30 and so on. And those due to be collected on Friday, September 2, will be emptied on Saturday, September 3.

You can check which bin is due to be emptied on which day by using your postcode at Find your nearest.

If you are having a clean up, you may find the information about how to deal with unwanted items in this waste guide useful Waste Guide

“It’s better in the bank” is a campaign to raise awareness that glass cannot go in the recycling bin.

Suffolk has a well established network of local community bottle banks for recycling glass and it is recycled direct from the bank. It cannot be sorted by our materials recycling facilities. Please check out your nearest bank at Find your nearest.

For more information visit Bin collections, recycling and street cleaning.

Meanwhile, homes in the Babergh and Mid Suffolk area will experience collections a day later than usual for the rest of the week following the Bank Holiday.

This means, if bins are collected on Tuesday, August 30, then they will be instead emptied Wednesday, August 31.

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