Heavy rain causes flooding problems in Bury St Edmunds

Staff clearing up following the heavy rain which hit Glasswells, in Newmarket Road, Bury St Edmunds. Photo: Glasswells.

Heavy rain this morning led to many places in and around Bury St Edmunds becoming flooded.

Motorists were having to encounter deep water on roads in some places especially at the bottom of Symonds Road, on the Moreton Hall Estate, with also reports of similar problems in St Andrew’s Street North, Northgate Street, Bedingfeld Way, Risbygate Street (A1302), Bury Park Drive, Southgate Street (Westgate Street) and Springfield Road where properties were flooded.

Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service was called out to deal with the incidents and a spokeswoman said they all involved properties being flooded and advice was offered over the electrics.

In Northgate Street, Suffolk Highways was called to clear the drains and firefighters helped to siphon away the water.

Meanwhile they were called at 7.13am to a vehicle caught in flood water in Compiegne Way.

Meanwhile, Glasswells, in Newmarket Road, was hit by the heavy rain with the store having to close as part of the building were flooded.
However, their restaurant opened as normal at 10am and the shop at 11.30am.

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