The Coral set for acoustic set at the Apex

It’s 20 years since The Coral released their critically acclaimed debut album – and to celebrate their special anniversary, they’re taking to the road again and are due to appear at the Apex later this month.

Their album was described by NME as the funniest and most refreshing British debut in years when it was released in 2002.

On this tour, singer and songwriter James Skelly and keyboardist Nick Power will share the story behind the creation of their breakthrough work and play a selection of acoustic songs from it.

There will also be conversation and audience questions in the 90-minute show, and fans can get their hands on a signed, boxed book that tells their remarkable story.

The album is sonically unique, wilfully leftfield and thrillingly eclectic, combining psychedelia with dub, disco groove with pop and ragtime with Egyptian reggae on a remarkable debut that has proved to be timeless.

James said: “We were very different. That was our thing. Maybe it’s not the thing that sells most records but that’s our thing.”

The band’s drummer (and James’ brother), Ian Skelly added: “I think there’s a Liverpool thing that makes The Coral special. Liverpool’s always had more of an affinity with psychedelic music than other places.”

The band’s debut album was an instant hit. It was released on July 29, 2002, and produced by the Lightning Seeds frontman Ian Broudie.

The Coral received universal acclaim from critics, many of whom praised the high-quality musicianship. It raced to number five in the charts and was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize and a Brit Award. The band’s hit singles include “Dreaming Of You”, “In The Morning” and “Pass It On”.

Nick said: “There was a buzz, definitely. I think it was like The Strokes were out and The White Stripes were out, and they wanted an English answer to it. And then it blew up and I guess we wondered how it had all happened. But also, I wasn’t surprised by it. I think it was the whole scene that happened. All the timing coincided. All the planets aligned for it.”

They are set to perform at the Apex on Friday, September 23, at 7.30pm.

See or ring 01284 578000 for tickets or more information.

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