Peatbog Faeries set to play the Apex next month

Hailing from the Isle of Skye, the Peatbog Faeries have created a unique and glorious mix of traditional sounds and dance-floor grooves and they are due at the Apex, in Bury St Edmunds, next month.

Their mainly instrumental music allows the band to develop exciting soundscapes, including their trademark hypnotic “Celtic Dance”, which brings the sound of Scotland fresh-faced and breathless to new audiences around the world.  

Peatbog Faeries tease unlikely combinations from familiar instruments such as fiddle and highland pipes, blending them with techno rhythms and soaring sounds.

The traditional styles, jigs and reels that influence the musicians can still be heard, enriched with flashes of Dance music, Jazz, African music and reggae.

This is high octane Celtic dance music as you’ve never heard it before…

The band has become firm favourites at festivals and venues, filling the floor and delighting crowds with their inventive and unique brand of music for over 30 years.

The Peatbog Faeries will be at the Apex on Tuesday, October 11, at 8pm, see or ring 01284 758000 for more information or to book tickets.

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