Work on new £100,000 skatepark in Mildenhall is completed

Students from Mildenhall Academy are joined by Jo Rayner, centre, and councillors Andy Neal and Richard Alecock.. Photo: West Suffolk Council.

Work on the new £100,000 skatepark at St John’s Recreation Ground, in Mildenhall, is complete, bringing the overall update of facilities there closer to an end.

The new free-flowing concrete structure replaces outdated ramps on the opposite side of the path, which were retained for use during construction, but will soon be removed.

Young people collaborated in the design process, which was led by skatepark specialist Canvas. The project has been funded by West Suffolk Council’s Community Asset Renewal Fund.

Jo Rayner, deputy leader of the council and cabinet member for Leisure, Culture and Community Hubs, said: “It is wonderful seeing young people using the new facility. Pupils from Mildenhall Academy have been central to shaping the upgrade of facilities here at the recreation ground, which includes the separate play area, MUGA, skatepark and the area used as a pitch. The new skatepark is low level with an open layout and mix of ramps to gain speed and momentum. It blends into the open, grassed landscape and we have been at pains to preserve its character. We’ll be returning the former skatepark site, now at the end of its life, to grass too.”

And Robert Everitt, cabinet member for Communities, added: “This area has a high proportion of young people and we know how important being active and being able to get outside is for their wellbeing. They have been central to the design as a shared space suitable for all levels of skill. I ‘m delighted to seeing the project completed and being enjoyed by all.”

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