Three runners take part in London Marathon aiming to raise funds for My WiSH

Richard Collyer with Mimi. Photo: My WiSH Charity.

Three runners are to take part in this year’s London Marathon with the aim of raising funds for the My WiSH Charity to support patients and staff across the West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust.

They are Dr Will Dean, Steve Saunders and Richard Collyer.

Emergency department consultant, Dr Dean, (pictured above) was due to run last year but unfortunately sustained an injury. 

He is back this year and is raring to go and said: “By running the London Marathon in support of My WiSH, I aim to amplify the impact of their invaluable work at West Suffolk Hospital. 

“As an emergency medicine and intensive care consultant I witness daily the profound difference these contributions make for both patients and staff. Every donation directly enhances the healthcare experience, ensuring that everyone visiting the trust receives the highest level of care and support”.  

This will be Steve Saunders (pictured above) second marathon and he hopes to smash his time of 5:33. 

He is running as part of the charity’s Grow Your Dough event which sees fundraisers receive a £50 starter donation, thanks to sponsors Knights Lowe Accountants, with the aim of providing an activity assistant for Ward G4 to help and support the elderly patients who they care for.  

Each team then has three months to increase this to as much as possible using the starter donation in whatever way will help their fundraising with Steve using his £50 to pay for his entry. 

He said: “I really wanted to be part of this event as this new role is so important. I’m excited to run again and hope I can raise some money and make a difference.”

Meanwhile, Richard is fundraising to thank the maternity team for the care shown to his granddaughter and son Ed and partner Fran’s daughter, Emilia (Mimi), when she was born on March 6. Mimi suffered a series of seizures and was very quickly diagnosed with a severe bleed on the brain. 

Richard said: “I have a place in this year’s London Marathon. I was not intending to run for a charity but suddenly this has become very personal.

“The care that Mimi received at the West Suffolk Hospital was incredible. The staff in the maternity ward have all been incredibly kind, compassionate and caring but most of all outstandingly professional. 

“Their timely interventions and diagnosis have been a major contribution to Mimi’s care and ongoing recovery. They are a credit to the hospital and indeed the National Health Service”. 

The NHS charity never buys marathon places as Sue Smith, head of fundraising, explains. 

“Charity places for the London Marathon can be purchased by charities but this can be at a huge cost.  We would then need to ask the fundraiser to raise a minimum amount, approximately £1,000, to cover the fee that we would have to pay to the organisers.

“To ask someone to raise that, with nothing benefiting the actual cause they want to support, is something we feel really uncomfortable with.

“We are so pleased to have three people running this year for us, all who are lucky enough to secure a place. The money they raise will be able to fully support the cause they each choose.”

She wished everyone good luck for the event on April 21 and added: “Do keep a lookout for our runners in their purple tops and, if you are down in London on the day and see them, please give them a massive cheer.”

To support Will go to his Just Giving page, and to support Richard go to Richard Collyer is fundraising for My Wish Charity ( and for Steve go to




Dr Will Dean, Steve Saunders and Richard Collyer with his granddaughter Mimi. Photos: My WiSH Charity.

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