Second report of someone in possession of firearm in Bury St Edmunds

Police have received a second report of a person being seen in possession of a firearm in Bury St Edmunds today, Friday, May 24.

An initial report was made shortly after 7am in St Andrews Street South, while a second report was made in Oakes Road at around 11.43am of a male carrying a white ball-bearing type gun.

Following extensive enquiries, officers have reason to believe the weapons are likely to be airsoft weapons that fire ball-bearings, with airsoft events taking place locally over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Those in possession of air-powered ball-bearing weapons are reminded these should not be carried in public as this can understandably lead to concern for members of the public and the person in possession could be breaking the law.

There is not believed to be a wider threat to the public, however, officers are carrying out additional reassurance patrols.

Anyone with any information in relation to weapons being seen in Bury St Edmunds today should contact police on 101.

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