Climate and Nature Hustings to take place next week in Bury St Edmunds

Parliamentary candidates vying to be MP for the Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket constituency are set to line up alongside each other at a Climate and Nature Hustings next week.

The Friends Meeting House will be the venue on Tuesday, June 25, at 7pm, and the event is a chance for constituents to hear directly from the candidates,

According to the Office of National Statistics, 74 per cent of adults report feeling worried about climate change.

Claire, from Great Barton, said; “Climate Change and Biodiversity loss is the biggest threat to our future we have ever faced as a species. It is affecting our health, economy, food security and the future of our children.

“It is really important to know that we can put politicians in charge who are capable of dealing responsibly with such systemic and important issues.”

 Laura, from Climate Cafe Bury St Edmunds, said: “I feel like we’re lucky in Suffolk, and the UK in general. Other parts of Europe, Asia and the Americas are already experiencing devastating flooding, or extreme heat like in India, where hundreds died in the recent heatwave.

“Closer to home Spain is experiencing terrible drought, while in Africa, Sudan is on the brink of drought induced famine. Some places are fast becoming uninhabitable and thousands are already dying due to the impacts of climate change.

“Soon we’re going to see millions fleeing these parts of the world. Governments have got to act now to stop temperatures going up even more.”

Climate and Nature Hustings is open to all constituents of Bury St Edmunds & Stowmarket.

Tickets are free but must be pre-booked via Eventbrite

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