School bus catches fire on new Bury St Edmunds estate

53 children on a school trip escaped from a double-decker bus which caught fire.

The blaze broke out at the back of the vehicle on the A1101 in Marham Parkway, Marham Park . in Bury St Edmunds at about 10:20 this morning Thursday June 13th   

“The Fire services were quickly on the scene”, said one witness.

Collins Coaches, which owns the bus, said 53 children and 14 adults were safely taken off, and there were no injuries.

Witness Sean Hale was quoted as saying: “The tyres exploded in the fire and you could see all the diesel spilling out.”

Firefighters said the children and teachers were given shelter nearby and a replacement bus was arranged.

Six asthmatic children were checked over by paramedics, the fire service added.

The Fire Services said “Thankfully no one on the bus was injured”

Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service said about 300 litres of diesel had been drained from the bus into a ditch and the Environment Agency had been informed.

A spokesman for Collins Coaches said: “When the fire was spotted, the driver pulled over and all passengers were safely evacuated.

“We are co-operating with the fire service investigation”.

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