Hundreds of children set to take part in Crucial Crew

Up to 1,450 school children will be learning vital life-lessons at Crucial Crew 2019 which starts from Monday, organised by West Suffolk Council.

Year six children aged between 10 and 11 years, from 44 schools from across West Suffolk, will come together at West Suffolk College, in Bury St Edmunds, to experience various scenarios, staffed by experts who show children how to deal with potentially dangerous situations and how to protect both themselves and others.

Suffolk Fire Service will simulate what it is like being in a burning house, Suffolk Police will be teaching the children about keeping safe online and Abbeycroft Leisure will be showing what to do if you see someone in trouble in the water. The overall focus of the event is on personal safety and personal well- being.

This year children will be attending the scenarios run by the Fire Service, Police, West Suffolk Council, First Responders, County Council Road Safety team, Live Well Suffolk and Abbeycroft Leisure. Crucial Crew is organised and funded by West Suffolk Council.

Robert Everitt, Cabinet Member for Families and Communities at West Suffolk Council, said: “Crucial Crew is a great partnership which has been teaching school children valuable life lessons to help protect their safety, health and wellbeing for over 20 years. Its impact is immense. Children will go home afterwards not just enthused but remembering and sharing their experiences with the rest of their family. If that helps any one of them one day avoid a dangerous situation or makes them better equipped to deal with it more safely, then we have achieved what we set out to do.”

Thanks go to West Suffolk College for allowing free use of their facilities and to the local Waitrose, Tesco and Sainsbury’s for sponsoring the refreshments.

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