Increase in warnings by police during coronavirus crisis while number of calls fall

There was an increase in warnings given to people yesterday, Sunday, April 12, by police officers in Suffolk to those in public or gathered at other addresses as part of the government restrictions to stay home and stay safe while the number of calls fell from members of the public reporting people ignoring the regulations.

Suffolk Constabulary received 158 calls and issued 58 warnings compared to 189 calls and 48 warnings the previous day.

The message remains the same as it has been over the entire Easter weekend, for people to follow the Government advice on social distancing. Unless your travel is essential, the only plans you should be making are to stay home and stay safe in order to protect the NHS and save lives.

We will continue to engage, educate and encourage with members of the public. The more the public comply with the restrictions now the more lives will be saved.

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