Fresh protest launched in bid to protect old oak trees in Thurston

A fresh protest is being planned in a bid to protect centuries-old oak trees in Thurston which are set to be axed, despite authorities saying they could be saved.

It has prompted a series of messages of support from members of the social media site Nextdoor with many voicing their dismay at the plans.

Persimmon Homes has planning permission to remove two oak trees in Ixworth Road, to make way for a new cycle and footpath as part of their College Park 250 homes development.

The developer says it is imperative they are removed, as they would present a road safety issue – but protestors are planning to protect them again from next Monday, June 1.

It comes after campaigners appeared to have won support after Mid Suffolk District Council said they would “explore other options” for the path that would not require any trees to be removed.

However, Persimmon has written to Thurston residents explaining their intention to commence work on felling two of the oak trees closest to the housing development.

Jonathan Masters, who lives in Thurston, said: “Been told the tree surgeons will be back in the next week or so to continue the work on Ixworth Road. What a fiasco.”

Fellow villager Sam Stott said: “I honestly don’t know what to say. I honestly thought we’d stopped them.”

And Thurston resident Trevor Parcell said: “With all the new housing that’s being built and the new applications there won’t be any trees left in a few years. Welcome to the urban sprawl because councils and planners don’t listen anymore.”

Other villagers like Chloe Clementine said she was “so disappointed” but added: “But not overly surprised that we are having to fight this fight again.

Gill Griffith said: “It’s dreadful. There’s plenty of room for a path round the trees.”

And Gary Linares from Norton said: “I thought this had been stopped.”

While Chloe Clementine has set up a Facebook group at

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