Anti social behaviour in Thurston prompts reaction from residents

Residents in Thurston have been complaining of anti social behaviour by people who have been gathering on the New Green.

It has led to some people being kept awake at night with litter being left strewn across the area including broken glass and needles.

A host of comments have been left on the Nextdoor social media site with Teresa Claydon saying that for the past three nights, between 9.30pm and 0.30am, there has been gatherings.

She said her husband helped to clear up items left behind and added: “Children play on this green and could pick up broken glass, needles etc so please be aware of this if you have children.

“There was some serious drinking by the amount found over there. Beer cans, lots of bottles of beer, wine and spirits. They were smashing them against the bin towards the end of the night.”

Sally King said: “I really cannot understand the mentality of some people … there really is no need, we are lucky to have the open spaces to take our exercise in and to enjoy.”

Damian Pine said: “The youth shelter was removed for this reason … noise, anti social behaviour, the teenagers drinking and noisy vehicles coming and going … unfortunately they have moved to this location. If only they could keep the noise down and keep the area tidy.”

Sam Stott said: “When (not if, unfortunately) this happens again, it needs to be reported to police, they can’t continually get away with it.

“It is absolutely vital that we, as residents, play our role. The police absolutely need to know about every incident. Don’t think you are wasting their time, you’re not.

“The more issues raised and the more incidents recorded with the police, the better.

“The louder we ‘shout’ and the more incidents recorded, the more likely we are to see change. It will go towards building a case for more officers and a much needed police presence. All the individuals (we are not talking about minors by the sounds of it) involved in this anti social behaviour need to know that Thurston is not the place to be.”

Jo Tunbridge said: “I have seen adults leave coffee cups, wrappers, beer bottles, etc. So it’s not always the teenagers.”

Keith Towers said: “No-one should be leaving a mess. Do they really have to be told. It is deliberate vandalism to leave that sort of mess. Name and shame – these anti social activities must be stopped.”

Patricia Alderton said: “Last year they were meeting in the pond area on the green and causing the same problems. Vandalism, swearing, litter, and drug use. I picked up the litter in there nearly every day.

“Last year some of the youngsters were not local, I picked up many train tickets from Stowmarket to Thurston.”

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