Online tracker helps you shop safely and with confidence in Newmarket

A new online tracker is helping shoppers choose when they want to visit Newmarket town centre during Covid-19.

By visiting the link people can see in real-time how busy the town is and help them pick less busy times to help with social distancing.

The system is part of the Love Newmarket WiFi network that was paid for through section 106 money by West Suffolk Council and the Newmarket BID Love Newmarket.

The BID, police and the council have kept the centre of Newmarket under review and have seen people are sticking to social distancing most of the time. This means, together with the online facility, the one-way measures that had been introduced earlier on the High Street can now be relaxed.

People are urged still to do their bit by sticking with social distancing, keeping shopping local and looking out for one another.

West Suffolk Council has been working with local councillors, councils and business organisations across the district to help reduce the risk of infection while supporting businesses opening.

The “creating safer places” work has seen a number of tailored measures in local towns and villages as well as the creation of an online business pack to support traders.

John Griffiths, leader of West Suffolk Council, said: “This initiative ,with Love Newmarket and online technology, gives people real time information on how busy the centre of Newmarket is helping them to choose when to go shopping and keep social distancing. We, together with partners, have been monitoring the town centre and have always said we would change and adapt measures when safe to do so or in response to need.

“People are looking out for one another and with the help of this technology we are also taking out the one-way measures on the High Street. This is thanks to everyone continuing to do their bit by sticking with social distancing while supporting local businesses.”

Paul Brown, Love Newmarket BID Manager, said: “By using the Love Newmarket WiFi shoppers can have the confidence to shop in town during quieter times and therefore the one way system is no longer needed. That said it is still important everyone maintains social distancing when out and about to protect themselves and others.”

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