Expertise delivered by qualified, experienced Chartered accountants

Our team of expert accountants, business strategists, tax specialists and auditors
have worked across a broad range of business sectors, supporting business owners
at every stage of their development to grow, prosper and consolidate. In fact, we are
immensely proud that other accountants in Suffolk and UK-wide consult our tax
saving experts for advice — we believe that speaks volumes about the depth of
expertise and knowledge we possess.

Whatever obstacles you need to overcome, we employ a ‘never say never’
approach. And no matter whether you are a new business start-up, an ambitious
SME or an established organisation, we can create an individual action plan
specifically targeted to meet your goals.

We are all very approachable, happy to answer any question you need to ask, and
professionally qualified to provide you with that advice, so feel free to call us, or even
call in to our offices in Bury St Edmunds or Haverhill. Accountants are professional
by nature, and we are proud to be members of the professional bodies, the Institute
of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and the Chartered
Institute of Taxation (CIOT).

Director Keith Senior

It’s not just the qualifications that matter though, it’s who we are; where we start the
process of determining your needs, how we think and use the information you give
us, what commitment we show in delivering a solution that’s right for you.
At Jacobs Allen, we understand that every business is powered by its people. And
although we’re expert accountants and can do amazing things with spreadsheets,
what really counts is working alongside you to help you achieve the outcomes that
really matter.

So if you have an inspirational idea or a challenging obstacle that can’t be solved
with a calculator, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that our team of tax
specialists, accountancy experts and business strategists are very adept at seeing
the bigger picture. In fact, lateral thinking is a prerequisite at Jacobs Allen. In an
increasingly tough business environment, we believe our innovative approach and
good old-fashioned service is what gives us a stand-out advantage over other more
traditional accountants.

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