Market traders offer healthy start to low income families

Two market traders in Bury St Edmunds have signed up to the government’s Healthy Start scheme, enabling vouchers to be exchanged for fresh fruit and vegetables.

New Bury Fruit Co run by Tony Wilson (pictured above) and James Pollard’s fruit and vegetable stall have both signed up to the means-tested scheme.

Healthy Start vouchers are available to people who are pregnant or have children under four years of age.

The scheme allows vouchers to be exchanged not just for fruit and vegetables, but also milk including formula milk.

The idea of the scheme is to provide a nutritional safety net for pregnant women, new mums as well as young children in low income families, helping them to get off to a healthy start by eating healthily and developing good habits for the future.

John Griffiths, leader of West Suffolk Council, said: “Sadly, we know that the coronavirus crisis has hit lots of families in the pocket. Some will have seen a loss or even no earnings over recent months and both nationally and locally we have begun to see job losses.

“I have no doubt that government schemes such as Healthy Start, alongside our own work with partner agencies such as Citizen’s Advice and Havebury, and our work with community groups helping people in their local area, will all prove important to helping people through the difficult times ahead. That is why I commend our market traders in Bury St Edmunds for signing up to the scheme, and naturally hope more across our other towns will likewise follow.”

Both Bury St Edmunds stalls will have signs up to show they are taking part. More details on the scheme can be found at

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