Chamber welcomes government’s plan to put Suffolk in Tier 1 category in fight against Covid-19

Suffolk Chamber of Commerce has said the move not to include the county in more severe categories in the fight against Covid-19 would give the local economy “breathing space” to grow.

But it has called on the government to sort out track and trace if the local economy is to survive.

The county has avoided the tightest restrictions imposed as part of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s new three tier model, announced yesterday.

Instead, Suffolk is listed as being in the Tier 1 group along with the rest of the counties in the East of England leaving it with the least severe restrictions – as long as infection rates do not significantly rise.

However, the group has criticised the Conservative government’s response so far – calling out “stop and start” measures which have done little to build confidence.

Paul Simon, head of Communications and Campaigns at the chamber, said: “That Suffolk is in an area designated as Tier 1 will provide some breathing space for our business community, especially those companies in ‘at risk’ sectors such as hospitality.

“But with Covid-19 infection rates in the East rising steeply, it is absolutely imperative that the government sorts out the test and trace system once and for all.

“With over six months to get it right, it is extremely worrying that Suffolk firms could once again be forced to close and pay the price for the government’s failures in this regard.

“No amount of fiscal support – very welcome though the many schemes have been – is a substitute for a functioning UK economy.

“Suffolk Chamber expects the government to start mapping out a clearer strategic response to the pandemic, working with local councils, and to stop relying on stop and start responses that only serve to sap business confidence and energy.”

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