Survey reveals people in Sudbury and Haverhill generally feel safe

More than 85% of residents in  Sudbury and Haverhill say they feel “quite” or “very safe”, according to the results of a local survey.

The survey, held for a week earlier in October, was geared at finding out from people in the two towns and neighbouring villages what they want the local police to focus on in their area and help them understand the public’s concerns.

A total of 655 people completed the online survey with 463 people stating they feel “quite or very safe” walking in their local area.

In all 57% (309 people) said they “strongly agree”  or “tend to agree” that they have confidence in police in the two towns, while a further 23%, or 125 people, said they neither “agree nor disagree” with the statement. Just under 63% of respondents in total said they felt the police in Sudbury and Haverhill were generally doing an “excellent job” (80 people) or a “good job” (259 people).

The 255 people who responded to the survey also said they “strongly agreed” or “tended to agree” that local police were dealing with crime and anti-social behaviour in their area.

In terms of the priority areas for the police to address the survey found that drug dealing was the number one crime to be tackled by local officers with 344 people expressing this preference.

Meanwhile, residential burglary, burglary of other buildings (sheds, business premises etc), vehicle crime, road safety including anti-social use of motor vehicles and engagement with communities to address local problems were the next top issues for Sudbury and Haverhill police to address.

Inspector Kevin Horton who oversees policing in Sudbury and Haverhill said: “Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete this survey – we really appreciate the responses and the results provide a really valuable insight into how we are doing and what we need to prioritise for local people in keeping them safe and feeling safe.

“There is a lot to be encouraged by in these results, but we will not rest on our laurels and are already addressing the issues raised. We have conducted a number of operations to tackle drug dealing in Sudbury and Haverhill and please, rest assured, that these will continue. This of course has to be  balanced by the necessity for officers to focus on crimes that might not necessarily be seen by residents such as domestic abuse, sexual offences and safeguarding concerns of the most vulnerable in society.

“We have also increased our proactivity to address criminal activity associated with drug dealing and tackling ASB following concerns raised by residents and councillors in specific areas and again this will continue.

“In terms of engagement we have our two Community Engagement Officers, PC Darren Marshall (Sudbury) and PC Cheryl Claydon (Haverhill) who are working hard to maintain that all important public facing presence to all our communities, including schools, parish and district councils and the voluntary sector.”

“Their enhanced level of community engagement will complement the work of the SNT officers and response officers that resident will continue to see across the two towns.  I am also using remote technology to hold meetings and improve accessibility generally with people such as with local councillors and other key stakeholders.”

You can find the contact details of how to get in touch with the CEOs on the below page, along with the other Community Engagement Officers

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