Postal vote invitation for safe voting May 2020

Residents in West Suffolk will vote to have their say in the Suffolk County Council, Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner and other local by elections on Thursday, May 6.

While the elections are not until the Spring the council is making plans now to help people stay safe while casting their vote.

You can vote in person at your polling station, by post, or by appointing someone you trust to vote on your behalf, which is known as a proxy vote.

Ian Gallin, Electoral Registration Officer for West Suffolk Council, said: “We had to postpone the Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner and other local by-elections this year because of lockdown measures. This makes next year’s elections, if possible, even more important.

“We’re preparing for these elections now so that, however you choose to cast your vote in May, you can do so safely. We’re putting arrangements in place to help you stay safe at the polling station where you’ll find the kind of the measures we’ve become used to such as hand sanitiser, floor markings and face masks. But you also have the option to apply to vote by post or by proxy and you can download an application to vote by post or proxy by visiting our website

“We will be sending postal vote application forms in the post to West Suffolk’s older, and more vulnerable, residents who are on the electoral register but do not have a postal vote. If they would like to vote by post then they just need to complete, sign and return the form in the reply-paid envelope provided. I hope we can reassure and encourage everyone to take part in the May 6 elections.”

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