Elmswell : Warren Lane flooding a cause for concern?


Walkers in Elmswell out for their daily lockdown exercise today experienced an extremely soggy field and a flooded Warren Lane as they used the popular footpath that links Elmswell to Wetherden.

With more heavy rain and snow forecast for the next few days the overflow outlet from the Lawn Farm Aggregates dig that contains a large amount of deep water was gushing out and flooding into the adjacent field down to Warren Lane and across the low lying Kiln Lane filling up the ditches.

Concerned walkers were seen to be taking photographs obviously concerned that water was flowing from a potentially eroding containment bank.  Suffolk Village Info understands that this has been reported to the Environment Agency, Mid Suffolk Council, Suffolk County Council, the Highways Agency and Elmswell Parish Council.

With the new housing developments in Elmswell, Warren Lane, already a busy road, is becoming even more important as a main access point for the village from the A14.

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  1. Noticed this when walking this morning and pleased it has been referred to the relevant councils. Another call for concern and a potential accident black spot if ice occurs is the flooding on Wetherden Road from the pond.

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