Asthmatic woman loses eight stone and says she feels ‘much better’ equipped to maintain her weight loss

An asthmatic woman from Bury St Edmunds is celebrating after shedding the pounds by losing eight stone.

Tasha Clements, (pictured above before her weight loss) says she is now able to go out for a walk every day, exercises at home with workouts and gets a sense of “achievement”.

The 45-year-old, who works in administration for the NHS, now takes less medication for her asthma and for the depression she was suffering before losing weight.

Tasha decided to join one of the Slimming World groups run by Julie Steele at the Moreton Hall Community Centre, which is currently being run on Zoom because of the pandemic.

She began her journey to losing the weight when she was 17 stone 3lbs … six years ago.

She said: “I’m just one of those people who sometimes wakes up and thinks ‘today is the day’ so one morning I got up, logged into my computer and checked the Slimming World website to find a group.  Then I went and joined.

“I don’t live with family, which people tend to think makes it easier for me to lose weight, but it’s a double-edged sword. While I don’t have to live with other people’s ‘treats’ in the house there’s also no one there to encourage me or split a cake with. So, if I get a cake, I’m going to eat the whole thing.”

She said that her biggest challenge was getting her mind-set right.

“In previous attempts to lose weight I didn’t put any time into sorting out how I think and feel about myself. This time round I’ve put a lot of effort into the mental challenges of weight loss and slowly adjusting my thought processes. I’m far kinder to myself now than I’ve ever been and there’s still room for improvement, but I feel much better equipped to maintain my loss this time.

“I used to hate trying to exercise, I’d be hot, sweaty and out of breath doing even the lightest of exercises. Now, I go out for a walk every day, swim when I can and do workouts at home regularly too. Every time I work out there’s a sense of achievement and I would miss it if I didn’t, at least, get that walk in each day.

“I take less medication since losing weight and any symptoms I encounter are less frequent and less severe.

“I used to have to take a couple of doses of my reliever inhaler before and after exercising but I rarely have to use it at all these days.

“Prior to joining Slimming World I was also taking medication for depression which, I’m happy to say, isn’t needed anymore.

“I’m proud that I can even feel proud of myself, that’s quite a new thing for me. I’m proud of the determination, commitment, consistency and staying power I’ve developed. I’ve always been stubborn but now I’ve put that to its best use.”

And she added: “When I started out I had so much weight to lose that making relatively small changes gave me good results. Once I got the small habit changes ingrained, I could make the next change. Starting small got me started.”

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