New taxi fares increase agreed by Babergh councillors

New taxi fare rates have been increased for travellers in the Babergh area with the day time rate going up by 20p.

The district council’s Cabinet yesterday (Thursday, February 4)  approved a new table of fares for Hackney carriages, which will come into effect from April 5.

The basic rate for day time fares will increase by 20p from £3 to £3.20. Night rates will start at £4.80, and apply between 11pm and 7am instead of between midnight and 6am.

An additional table of fares with higher starting rates has also been created for larger vehicles. However, drivers can choose to charge less than the maximum fare set by the council, if desired.

The revised fares follow wider consultation with the trade, after original proposals were delegated back to licencing for further review in July last year.

The new plans were approved by Babergh Licensing and Regulatory Committee on December 11.

Babergh District Council’s cabinet member for environment, Elisabeth Malvisi, said: “Fares for Hackney carriages in Babergh have not increased since August 2016, and our cabbies have faced increasing costs. We’ve addressed this in the new tariffs, by increasing the maximum fares. We’ve also brought our structure in line with UK best practice and made it unambiguous. We will, however, continue to regularly monitor the tariffs with the trade to ensure they continue to be fit for purpose.

“This, in addition to the new taxi rank approved last year, plays an important part in our wider town visions.”

The fares will now be reviewed on a three yearly basis, in line with recommended government best practice. This also ensures the rates are in line with the current economic climate.

Future green initiatives for taxis will also be explored as part of Babergh and Mid Suffolk’s climate change ambitions and EV Strategy.

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