Labrador voted the most ‘huggable’ dog in survey

Now, we’re pretty certain we don’t need a day to tell us to love our pets; we do it multiple times a day.

But at the same time, we’re very excited a day like this exists so that we have an excuse not to let go of our furry friends.

This Saturday (February 20) is National Love Your Pet Day —a whole day dedicated to displaying affection to our dogs.

Dog food experts at Butternut Box carried out a survey and collected 296 answers around which dog breed respondents think is the most huggable and the verdict is in.

It collected 296 answers around which dog breed respondents think are the most huggable, and the verdict is in.

The majority of respondents, equating to 16%, agreed that Labradors are the most huggable pooches, with 18% being female and 14% male.

According to the data, it seems that there are gender differences in which sort of dogs we think give the best hugs.

The majority of men (17%) answered that Cockapoos were the most huggable. Both dogs are big and fluffy, so it seems those are the characteristics we value the most from a hug with our four-legged friend.

The runner ups are a variety of sizes and texture of fur, with Bichon Fries, Boxers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, German Shepherds, Huskies, and St Bernards all coming in a joint second.

No matter what breed or size they are, give your pooch a hug and let them know how much you love them—tell them, too!

If your dog is displaying any negative behaviours, try to put yourself in their paws and think of ways to remedy anxious or destructive behaviour.

We know that modern life can be busy, but when you get in from a long day back at work, they may just be wanting more attention and affection off you.

Most negative behaviours are signals of unhappiness, so use this celebratory day the way it was intended—to display affection and recognise how we can create a safer and happier environment for our dogs.

If you don’t have a furry friend in your life, why don’t you spend the day visiting local animal shelters to see if you can bring a forever friend home—but only if you’ve been thinking about it seriously.

Try to avoid bringing a dependent animal into your life because of lockdown.

There are many rescue dogs that have been left without a home after owners realised that they weren’t ready for the responsibility.

If you’re not prepared for a four-legged companion, then spend the day volunteering or donating money to your local dog shelter.

If you own a business, you could put measures into place to make your business dog friendly, so owners can bring their dogs when they venture outside.

This can have tremendous effects for emotional wellbeing in work, with research showing that canine colleagues can improve both staff wellbeing and productivity.

Research reports that as well as tremendous emotional benefits hugging your dog can improve both your physical and mental health—reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, preventing heart disease, and helping fight depression. Physical affection also helps soothe your pet, so it is a mutually beneficial relationship!

So, celebrate the best day of the year with your dog. Why not take them for an extra special walk or feed them their favourite treats too?

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