Labrador sheds almost a quarter of his bodyweight

While many people have struggled to keep the weight off during lockdown, seven-year old Bobby the labrador has shed almost a quarter of his body weight, helped by charity Our Special Friends.

The West Suffolk-based organisation was asked to provide support for Bobby at the end of last year.

Bobby had not been exercised outside the garden for 18 months and his weight had increased to 58kg – over 20kg more than his ideal weight (pictured above).

The owner’s son said: “With dad’s declining health before his passing, Bobby was losing out on his exercise. Mum wasn’t able to walk far so Bob’s routine changed considerably. Bobby was starting to feel the weight of mum’s affection and something clearly had to be done.”

Our Special Friends took Bobby to the vet, who diagnosed the onset of arthritis and a breathing problem that was being exacerbated by his weight. Working with the veterinary practice a weight management plan using Royal Canin Satiety was devised.

Our Special Friends volunteers gradually built up Bobby’s exercise to walks four to five times a week.

The Royal Canin Satiety diet and new exercise plan led to Bobby losing 13.6 kg – almost a quarter of his body weight – in just five months. He now weighs 44kg.

Linda Sadler, Animal Welfare at Our Special Friends, said: “Bobby’s weight loss led to a marked improvement in his movement and mobility and it helped to prevent his arthritis from deteriorating. He is a happy dog, who really looks forward to his exercise.”

Based on her own life experience, vet Belinda Johnston was inspired to set up Our Special Friends to help ensure that vulnerable people could continue to benefit from the companionship of animals through the most difficult of times.

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