Rockabilly band Hayseed Dixie to play the Apex next month

Four-piece outfit Hayseed Dixie (pictured above) who originally started out as an Appalachian style tribute to AC/DC, are set to appear at the Apex, next month.

Playing traditional instruments, such as fiddle, mandolin and banjo in a rock ‘n roll style, they called their unique bluegrass/rock mash up “Rockgrass”, and hit the scene in 2001 with an AC/DC tribute album which reinvented the classic heavy metal songs as Hillybilly tunes.

They followed this with 2002’s “A Hillbilly Tribute to Mountain Love”, which gave the same bluegrass treatment to assorted hard rock songs. “Kiss My Grass: A Hillbilly Tribute to Kiss” came a year later:

Hayseed Dixie have released 16 albums since 2001, consisting of both original material and re-interpretations, selling a combined total of over 750,000 physical records and countless digitally shared (legally and illegally) copies.

Their latest album “Blast From the Grassed”, contains moonshine-inspired re-imaginations of guilty-pleasures songs from the Golden Age of Pop-Rock, including “Staying Alive”, “Tainted Love” and “Dancing Queen”.

Hayseed Dixie will be at the Apex on Monday, November 8, at 8pm, see ring 01284 758000 for more information or to book tickets.

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