‘Talk and tour’ of the Abbeygate Cinema

Display boards, historic timelines, selections of photographs and memorabilia will be on display at the unique boutique Abbeygate Cinema on Hatter Street, along with behind-the-scenes tours and a talk by the cinema’s Pat Church. 

Having worked at the cinema for more than 55 years, Pat knows the fabric of the building like no other and has many a story to tell.

The tours will include the chance to see the projection rooms, and the proposed development work of the planned Screen 4, still to come.

Detailing the cinema’s unique history and the part it has played in the town visitors will be able to find out about the wider cinema history of Bury St Edmunds and more specifically the history of the Abbeygate Cinema which has been a picturehouse since the 1920s – and give people the chance to ask Pat any questions they have about the cinema’s history, or how things work in the world of cinema!

Specific time slots for the “Talk and Tour by Pat Church” will be available for booking online at abbeygatecinema.co.uk with tickets costing £5 which includes a tea or coffee. All proceeds contribute to the ongoing fundraising activity for future projects.

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