Bicycle enthusiast starts up new repair and service business after lifetime of working with bikes

Shaun Sivertson's new bicycle repair and services business.

Ever since he was a boy Shaun Sivertsen has been mucking about with bicycles.

From mending a puncture to changing a chain and from aligning brake pads to mending broken spokes he’s spent much of his spare time working with cycles.

Now he has taken the proverbial plunge and has started up a bike repair business … but with a twist.

The 56-year-old has set up bikewerks, a mobile bicycle repairs and services business, from his home in Elmswell.

After spending most of his life working in the printing industry from a scanner operator to a graphic designer and a studio manager to an operation’s manager Shaun has left the business to start up bikewerks.

He will travel to client’s homes or place of work to carry out essential repairs and maintenance for those on two wheels and he is hoping the business, which he set up at the start of October, will  be a success.

From his workshop at his home in Bennett Avenue, where he carries out specialist work, he said he can travel round the county to provide a vital service for people with bikes.

From a basic service which includes a full bike inspection report, chain check, gear alignment, tyre pressure set, fork and shock pressure check, brake pad alignment and adjusting and headset lubricated, to an advanced and a full service, there is something for every bycling enthusiast.

Additional work can also be catered for including wheel building, suspension service and building a bike of your dreams or refurbishing an old cycle.

He said: “I have always been interested in bikes since I was little and have always loved them and played about with them. I then started fixing people’s bikes.”

He is working towards the industry’s Cytech Master’s Course which he hope to pass in the coming months and said: “I left the printing industry to set up the business as I was getting fed up with it and it was just not good. I was in danger of becoming ill. Everyone said to me why did I not do it 20 years ago?


“My idea for bikewerks was that I get a mum with three children who all have bikes but need to get into town to have them repaired whereas I can just get to them. I can also go to people’s places of work to sort their bike out and I’m hoping to link up with local primary schools at some stage to get involved with their Cycling Proficiency Tests.

“I have always loved playing about with bikes and now I have got the chance so let’s do it,” he added.

Shaun can be contacted via his website or telephone 07957 432592/01359 408471.

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