Unique baroque-style orchestra set to perform at The Apex

The Academy of Ancient Music is set to take to the stage of The Apex at the beginning of next month.

Back in 1973, when Christopher Hogwood founded the orchestra, it was revolutionary.

Centuries of change had eroded the original sound of Bach, Handel, Haydn and Mozart: the instruments were different; the pitch was different; the number of players was different; the very essence and spirit of performances was different.

Hogwood’s new orchestra reveled in the expressive power of old instruments – flutes made out of wood, trumpets without valves, strings woven from gut.

The AAM (pictured above) rediscovered sounds which hadn’t been heard for hundreds of years — but it wasn’t just the sound of the music which changed; it was how it felt. Ancient music got a thrilling new lease of life and AAM performances are still full of energy and passion and joy as they continue to explore the sound-worlds which inspired Baroque composers.

The orchestra returns to The Apex on Wednesday, February 1, with director Laurence Cummings. The concert will open with a Bach Gamba Sonata which will be followed by Bach’s “The Musical Offering”; a gift to King Frederick II of Prussia.

On May 7, 1747, Johann Sebastian Bach arrived at the court of King Frederick the Great. The greatest musician of his age locked musical wits with an artistic and philosophical monarch, and Bach responded with “The Musical Offering” – a collection of pieces designed to put the nature of music to the ultimate technical, intellectual and emotional test.

Dazzlingly imagined and endlessly rich, “The Musical Offering” has fascinated performers and scholars for centuries. Bach probes the nature of creativity, harmony and genius, in a masterwork that never grows old. 

Ring the box office on 01284 758000 or see www.theapex.co.uk for more information or to book.

The full programme:

JS Bach Sonata in G for Viola da Gamba and Harpsichord BWV1027

JS Bach Theme and ricercari from The Musical Offering BWV1079

JS Bach Trio Sonata from The Musical Offering BWV1079

JS Bach Ricercar à 6 from The Musical Offering BWV1079

JS Bach Concerto for Flute in G minor after BWV1056

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