Joe Stilgoe bids for world record attempt at The Apex to play the most musicals in five minutes

Joe Stilgoe (pictured above) and his band are heading to The Apex to bring to life his new hit album “Theatre”, which celebrates the great music of theatre from Kurt Weill to Cole Porter, Rodgers and Hammerstein to Hamilton, and everything in between.

Released earlier this year the album is Joe’s ninth studio release and continues Joe’s genius for taking great songs from the past and giving them an exciting and relevant new spin.

Joe said: ‘I perform in theatres, I write music for theatres, I love being in theatres and I love seeing things in theatres. Over the pandemic it was the thing I missed most. My first job when I am on stage is to entertain. That’s what I love doing. I love being a musician at the same time, but making people laugh and cry and become part of what’s happening on stage is, I’ve realised, the whole reason for me being up there – that is the theatre I love.”

The show will comprise stunning rearrangements of classics, with all the drama, tension, heartache and heartbreak of the greatest music from theatre over the last century, alongside some of Joe’s original songs, which are now close to achieving the status of modern standards.

Joe is a romantic, so expect love songs and swoony harmonies, but also wordplay, swordplay, virtuosic musicianship, fizzing interaction with the audience and the kind of spontaneity that will leave you whistling songs you didn’t even think you knew.

There will even be a world record attempt to play the most musicals in five minutes.

See Joe Stilgoe at The Apex on Thursday, February 23, at 7.30pm. Contact the Box Office on 01284 758000 or see the website for more details or to book.

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