British Gas makes a difference to cancer patients

Jules Parker and Louise Steggall, from the Macmillan Information Team, with the group from British Gas. Photo: My WiSH Charity.

Thirteen members of British Gas have spent a day revitalising a garden at the Macmillan Unit at the West Suffolk Hospital. 

Led by customer delivery manager, Iain Ashford, the team included Andy Golding, Barry Crane, Ben Miles, Chris Hemming Way, Craig Edwards, John Bowgen, Mark Arnold, Martin Steggall, Paul Baker, Tony Yates, Jonathon Sellwood and Jessica Steventon.

They weeded, dug up old shrubs, potted plants, power washed slabs and painted benches to spruce up the area which will be used by patients undergoing cancer treatments. 

The company donated £2,000 to the My WiSH Charity, which supports the West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust and includes the Macmillan Unit at the hospital in Bury St Edmunds, and some of the donation has been used to buy new plants and furnishings. 

Sally Daniels, fundraising manager at My WiSH Charity, said: “We were so grateful for such a generous donation. To then have the guys come and give their time to make the outside space so lovely, well that was just so special. The physical work they did was just amazing. It was a really hot day and they didn’t stop. The gardens look beautiful and the staff and patients have been so impressed.”

Cancer information manager, Jules Parker, said: “We are delighted to have the kind support and donation from British Gas. The gardens have been transformed. Patients who are having treatment can now look out the windows and see beautiful areas with colourful plants.”

Iain added: “It was a really good fun day and nice to do something so different. It was also really emotional to see the gratitude of staff and patients and see what a difference it will make. The staff are heroes, helping people day after day with passion and dignity, what we have given back is nothing in comparison, but it’s a token of our gratitude.”

My WiSH also gave a shout out to charity supporters Clarkes of Walsham who rushed to the aid when the team ran short of shingle. Yard operations manager, Neil Hatten, managed to bring a ton of stones straight up to the unit to help complete the area. 

If you would like to support your local Macmillan unit, you can get in touch with My WISH at

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