Classic films coming back to the big screen at Abbeygate Cinema

Abbeygate Cinema, in Bury St Edmunds, is set to introduce a new strand of films, curated by its cinephile team, “In Retrospect”.

It is bringing classic films back to the big screen and allowing a brand-new audience to breathe new life into them.

There are also plans for a social club and for this season of films to enable fellow film enthusiasts to meet and discuss what they’ve seen.

“In Retrospect” is the passion project of Sam Golding and Jack Merton, two experienced members of the Abbeygate team.

Jack said: “We’re really excited for people to come into our screens and enjoy some classic cinema, as well as some lesser known films, from film-makers we’re passionate about.

“It’s great as an independent cinema to be able to celebrate the work of directors such as Martin Scorsese as well as the LGBTQ+ film-making community too. We’ve got lots more ideas for the future and can’t wait to get them onto the big screen.”

Gareth Boggis, general manager, added: “It’s a testament to the passion and knowledge of the team we have here that they’ve pushed for this season of films. This is completely led by the team and the daily conversations they have, amongst colleagues and with our customers.”

“In Retrospect” has already kicked off with a season of films dedicated to legendary director, Martin Scorsese.

His 1980 Oscar winning feature “Raging Bull” (pictured above) will be showing next, with screenings on Friday, May 17, and Wednesday, May 22.

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