Over £1,200 raised for Butterfly appeal from non-uniform day

A non-uniform day plus a cake stall at Thurston Community College have helped to raise over £1,200 for a hospital appeal.

It was organised by members of the school council with a total of £1,222.28 being raised which included £80 from the cake sale.

The money has gone to the Butterfly Appeal which is being run by the My WiSH charity, which supports the West Suffolk Hospital.

It is aiming to raise money to help enhance care for patients at the end of their lives, both in the hospital and out in the community.

The hospital treats and a huge proportion of palliative and end-of-life patients in the area and My WiSH works closely with staff to find out what is needed and where it can help to ensure relatives, friends and loved ones are cared for too as this in turn, gives the patient comfort.

Packs are created when someone is called unexpectedly into hospital which consists of tissues, water, wipes, toothbrush and toothpaste among other things. Just little things to make patients more comfortable during their stay.

They also provide day beds and are seeking to purchase more as they allow relatives to stay with their loved ones but also get some much-needed sleep whilst never leaving their side.

Another new addition to the service is two screens. These have beautiful images on of a beach, woodland and fields and help to make the patient environment better.

And by supporting the Butterfly appeal the school is helping to make those last moments a little easier, help support patients and their loved ones at a difficult time as well backing plans to expand the appeal.

Rebecca Rees, who was the leader of the school council, said the idea of the fundraising initiative came after she put it forward to the council as an idea as her mother Marie is a palliative care nurse at the hospital.

The 16-year-old, who lives in Troston, said: “Everyone put in £1 to take part in the day and everyone took part which helped us to raise the money. I was quite aware of the appeal because of my mum’s links with the hospital.”

Graham Chubb, the assistant principal at the college, said that Rebecca spoke to him about raising money for the appeal.

“We discussed different ways we felt we could raise money for this charity through the college and we discussed with Helen Wilson, our principal, about tying it in with one of our up-and-coming non-school uniform days. She gladly agreed and Rebecca and her friends, as part of the college council, promoted this through assemblies to every student in the build-up. As well as this, the council organised a bake sale on the day which raised some extra funds as well.

“To raise over £1,200 for this great cause was a fantastic achievement and we were all very proud of the efforts the college council went to especially Rebecca.”

Pictured above is Rebecca Rees with her mother Marie and Graham Chubb.

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