Sunday league’s £1,400 donation to My WiSH Charity

Pictured are members of the former Treadfirst Sudbury and Haverhill Sunday League, Russell Meekings, Dave Theobald, Steve Power and Jim Hill. Photo: My WiSH Charity.

A total of £1,400, from the Treadfirst Sudbury and Haverhill Sunday League, has gone to the My WiSH Charity which has earmarked the cash for the Macmillan Cancer Unit, at the West Suffolk Hospital, in Bury St Edmunds.

Officials at the league, which had been running for over 30 years and at its height had up to 40 teams playing in four divisions, bought an end to it last month with just five teams remaining.

So they decided to hand the funds left over to My WiSH Charity which supports the work of the hospital.

Down the years it’s been the bedrock of Sunday football in the Sudbury and Haverhill areas with scores of people turning out each week in and across the two towns.

Now that’s all come to an end with many of the former members of the league moving over to a similar league based in Bury St Edmunds.

Jim Hill, the former secretary of the league, said: “We have been running it down a fair bit as in recent years people have found it more difficult to get up on a Sunday morning and the consequences of that is that a lot of parents are now running youth games and because of that there’s fewer teams.

“The Bury league has become a lot stronger and many have joined them.”

He paid tribute to local firm Treadfirst Tyres who sponsored the Sunday league saying they had given them “fantastic” backing and who had “looked after” them over a “good number of years.”

He said: “They have been really good supporters of us. Without someone like that the cost of running a league or any club is astronomical and you need that to keep costs to a reasonable level.”

And Mr Hill added that they chose My WiSH as it’s a local charity and specifically the Macmillan Unit.

“A number of people with family have been supported by the Macmillan Unit and we wanted to give it to a charity that supports local people and the unit does that.

“So we are pleased that the money has gone to the charity and so are the sponsors,” he added.

Sue Smith, the head of fundraising at My WiSH, said: “ We are absolutely thrilled that the Sunday League have chosen the charity. We are going to direct the donation to our cancer counsellor. We fund a counsellor to enable patients to have support during, and after their cancer treatment at the hospital. We could not continue with this service without the incredible donations like this, so a huge thank you to the members of the league.”

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