Roadwork team help to save eggs from bird’s nest

The nest found by UK Power Networks contractors at the Pakenham site. Photo: UK Power Networks.

A group of power workers saw a bird make a flying visit to its nest – just in time for the team to help save its eggs.

UK Power Networks contractors were filling in after roadworks at Mill Road, in Pakenham, when they followed the track of a robin.

It led them to an undiscovered nest which meant they could stop planned work and follow established protocols to report the incident and extend the time on their permit to ensure the safety of the bird and its eggs.

Tony Welham, a co-ordinator at UK Power Networks, said: “An excavation had been dug out for some electrical works and in the gap between that finishing and the ground due to be refilled, a bird had chosen to build a nest down in the side of the trench, under some roots.

“The team on site deserve top marks because everybody reacted really quickly once we realised what we had found. They noticed a bird come out of the site and investigated straight away to find a nest with a robin’s eggs. It was great it was found in time.

“The hope now is that the bird can return to its nest and raise its chicks in peace over the coming weeks. The site is away from the public highway so the delay will not cause anyone any disruption.”

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