Give Gatehouse an Our Bury St Edmunds Gift Card for Christmas

Mark Cordell with Adrian Green at Our Bury St Edmunds Gift Card stockist Pro-Cook. Photo: Our Bury St Edmunds.

As sales of the Our Bury St Edmunds Gift Card are expected to increase in the run up to Christmas, the town’s Business Improvement District (BID) has teamed up with foodbank charity Gatehouse to help its users have extra treats at Christmas.

Our Bury St Edmunds hopes people buying gift cards for friends or family this festive season might consider buying an additional card to donate to Gatehouse. 

These gift cards will then be distributed to foodbank users before Christmas to spend locally on gifts and treats for their own households. It’s also hoped that if businesses choose to give the cards to staff instead of a Christmas bonus they may also consider donating a few extra cards to the charity.

The Our Bury St Edmunds Gift Card can currently be used at over 60 different outlets in the town centre from big names to independent stores as well as beauty salons and restaurants. Giving the card as a gift at Christmas locks more spending into the local economy and thus supports the town centre.

Chief executive of Our Bury St Edmunds Mark Cordell said: “The Our Bury St Edmunds Gift Card is a way of supporting the local economy at a time when businesses really need any help we can give. But by generously donating an extra gift card to Gatehouse too, you’ll be helping to make Christmas a little bit better for someone who is struggling. It could be the difference between some extra treats in a child’s Christmas stocking or perhaps the chance to afford something that many take for granted during the school holiday – a visit to a local coffee shop or even a trip to the cinema. The beauty of the Our Bury St Edmunds Gift Card is that it really is a treat to spend it, which is why it’s been such a popular gift for the past two Christmases.”

Gatehouse chief executive Amanda Bloomfield added: “The image of Christmas that we see in the adverts can be very different from the reality for those hardest hit by the cost of living crisis. We’ll pass any gift card donations on to those who we know are worried about what they can afford to buy at this very expensive time of year and it could be the only way someone is able to buy that gift or treat for their loved ones. Knowing that someone has taken the trouble to think about them and take away that feeling of dread in the run up to Christmas is what the season of goodwill is all about.” 

The Our Bury St Edmunds Gift Card can be ordered online via the Our Bury St Edmunds website or picked up in one of the following town centre outlets: Pro-Cook, Buy The Light, Lorfords, Vinyl Hunter and Hunter Club. 

To give a gift card to Gatehouse just drop it off at their office in Dettingen Way, IP33 3TU, or at a special collection point at the offices of the Bury Free Press, in Kings Road (or securely through the letterbox if closed). If ordered online it can be sent straight to the charity instead of the donor.  

The full amount on the Our Bury St Edmunds Gift Card does not need to be spent all at once, and it’s simple to check online how much balance is left, where it’s previously been spent and where it’s accepted.

For more information or to buy the card online visit

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