2nd week of School Road Closure and a nightmare on Church Road as car breaks down by the Church and Bus gets stuck trying to overtake.


The incident happened between 7.30 am and 7.45 am this morning as residents were travelling to work or on the school run. The tail back in Church Road stretched to Wetherden Road and to the A14. The situation was still not clear at around 10.00 am.

One of the Church Road residents said “This was totally predictable and we are only in the second week of the School Road closure. The volume of traffic in Church Road, cars, lorries, buses is something that you would normally see in a large town not in a Suffolk village”. “We feel sorry for people unable to get to school or work on time but this may just be the start of our problems”.

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  1. You havent mentioned New Road. The corner to New Road from Cross Street is not wide enough for these huge lorries to negotiate without going up onto the pavement of a blind corner. Terrifying. Plus in New Road there is a free-for-all with school children, pushchairs, scooters and both car and articulated lorry tyres on the paths. Very few pavements which seem to be reserved as an extra space for cars. Honking your cars doesnt solve the situation. I see a few walls are taking the brunt. Only 4 more months.

  2. I have been working in elmswell for nearly 38 years at The Industrial estate . Before the bacon factory got approval they should have been Made to put a relief road off the roundabout behind church over the rail way where it is to late to put a bridge there now due to more houses this would have saved all the grid lock s , bacon factory is still building and all the houses along Ashfield road ? As soon as school road phase one is done there will be more houses build on field behind church ? Now isn’t any where to build a relief road now , elmswell residents should have said at the meeting s years ago it won’t change until somebody is injured or emergency services can’t get out??

  3. I have worked in Elmswell for coming up to 38 years on the Grove lane industrial estate , so I have had to travel over the railway all these years , when the bacon factory site was sold to developers this is when residents in Elmswell should have pushed for a relief road off the roundabout up behind the church bridge over the railway and into Ashfield road before thy started the development .? To late now as building s going up everywhere Ashfield side off gates ! To late now as building in school road phase one then will be building on the field behind the church ! The road infrastructure is the same as it was 38 years ago the village gets grid locked when railway gates are down ? But it’s worse now there is one road in and out ! The first week was carnage as in papers now the 2 nd week total chaos for nearly 3 hours ? To whom read this it could be your loved one waiting for the emergency services or fire engine trying to get out ? Never mind the farmers getting richer and developers earning loads
    Yours faithful
    Mr Robert Cross

  4. Unfortunately we as a village knew this issue would happen. It’s fine to keep building new homes but like most areas we don’t have the infrastructure to deal with the amount of people who now live in Elmswell.
    School parking is dangerous the shop car park is not big enough the health centre once fantastic is now a joke. The queues to cross railway don’t clear between gates lowering so these just get longer until rush hour traffic falls away. To make things worse the roads we do have are full of pot holes. School road currently closed but will the surface be repaired whilst closed ??? Tbh the footpaths are also in a terrible state and will get worse as traffic os having to use paths as roads. But like someone else mentioned nothing will be done until a serious incident happens. The link road is needed, why are we allowing the old bacon factory site to be extended but all the traffic is going to go through the estate, surely the link road should be started to provide access to the new houses and continued in the near future. Crazy situation that’s just going to get worse…

  5. Elmswell is no longer a village, which is a shame. All these new houses are for WHO exactly? The infrastructure is NOT there to accommodate the influx of people no matter WHAT is planned for the future. l moved here to get away from ‘hustle and bustle’ of city life….wrong move huh? All these people moving in but no school, surgery or bus service to cope with the influx or roads to cope with the cars parked, mostly illegally, around the junior and infants schools, has someone got to be seriously hurt before the greedy clowns see sense

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